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Bitcoin Renaissance

ETH Denver Recap

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Bitcoin Renaissance ETH Denver


David Tse

Co-Founder, Babylon

Sandeep Naliwal

Co-Founder, Polygon

Sunny Aggarwal

Co-Founder, Osmosis

Muneeb Ali

Founder of Stacks - CEO of Trust Machines

Nic Carter

Founding Partner, Castle Island

Dan Held

Bitcoin Educator

Dovey Wan

Founder, Primitive Ventures

Jeff Ren

OKX Ventures Partner


Founder,  AltLayer

Alexei Zamyatin

Co-Founder, BOB

Jehan Tremback

  Cosmos Hub

Matt Luongo

Founder, tBTC protoco

Matt Ye

Co-founder, Lorenzo Protocol

Robin Linus

Co-Founder, ZeroSync & Inventor, BitVM

Tiancheng Xie

Co-founder, CTO, Polyhedra

Edan Yago

Sovryn, Co-founder

Orkun Mahir Kılıç

Co-Founder & CEO, Chainway Labs

Chandra Duggirala

Co-founder, Portal DeFi

Rich Rines

Initial Contributor, Core Chain

Mithil Thakore

Co-founder, Velar Protocol

Hanzhi Liu

Co-Founder, Nubit

Ben Charbit

CEO, Darewise

Ryan Selkis

Founder & CEO, Messari

Vineet Budki

Managing Partner & CEO, Cypher Capital

Phoenix Zhang

Head of Growth, BSquared

Carter Feldman

Founder, QED

Eric Vreeland

Chief Strategy Officer, Polyhedra

Sankha Banerjee

Chief Protocol ​Economist,  Babylon

Ryan Fang

Co-Founder, COO, Ankr

James Ho

Head of Animoca Ventures

Trevor Owens

Ordinals Show

Elizabeth Olson

Head of  Growth, Xverse

Michael Casey

Director of Engineering, Marathon

Kaitai Chang

COO, Yala Finance

Andre Serrano

Product Lead, Stacks

Hillary Adler

VP of Marketing, Thesis

Raph Japh

Lead Maintainer, Ordinals Protocol

Isabel Foxen Duke

GP at Unbroken Chain Fund

Jullian Duran

Product Lead, Marathon

Albert Liang

CEO, Bitcoin Startup Lab

Riad Wahby

CEO, Cubist

Matt Bell

CEO, Turbofish & Co-Founder, Nomic

Willem Schroe

Founder & CEO, Botanix Labs

Jan Smejkal

Chief Strategy Officer,
Bitcoin Renaissance Korea Edition


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